House of Jewish Culture YESOD

Detailed Information

ESOD is a modern building built in 2005 and over the years it has become the home of many Jewish organizations in St. Petersburg. The main goal of the ESOD was to create a citywide Jewish cultural center for people of all ages and interests. Today centers such as ESOD are located in Moscow, Odessa, Kharkov and Kiev. Seeking to bring the Jewish people back to our heritage and traditions, the Joint supports this network of Jewish community centers offering diverse cultural, educational and community programs, as well as a large number of projects aimed at reviving Jewish identity.

Two kindergartens, a spacious and modern game store, educational studios, theater performances, camps for children and bright celebrations of Jewish holidays await the youngest guests of ESOD. Teens and young people can participate in leadership programs Lehava and Lehava Junior Adults – to become interested in the Klezmer music workshop, learn Hebrew or become a listener at the Eitan lecture hall. Shabbat celebrations are held for students and free 10-day trips to Israel are organized.

Young families are invited to have an interesting weekend on Shabbaton, as well as relax in our summer family camps. The elderly participate in social, medical or material assistance programs. People interested in career development will find suitable development programs in the field of computer technology, language learning and communication skills. We invite you to take part in various events, exhibitions, concerts held in the beautiful hall of ESODA and, of course, the holidays of the Jewish calendar are celebrated.

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