Synagogue "Beit Menachem" St. Petersburg

Detailed Information

The Beit Menachem Synagogue of the St. Petersburg Jewish Religious Community is located on the third floor of the Maor Community Center. There are two halls in it – male and female. Each Friday and Saturday every week there is a meeting of Shabbat – prayer, kiddush and meal. In the synagogue, classes in Judaism take place every week: Torah lessons, studying Jewish tradition, a course in Kabale (world order, hidden essence of a person ) according to the book of Tania.

Classes are held every Wednesday at 19:30. Free admission. You can also be helped to study any material from the Torah, Talmud and halakhi at a time convenient for you. The synagogue has a library in which there are sidurs (prayer books), machzors (special collections of prayers for big holidays), a Torah with comments from various rabbis, conversations The Rebbe, books on Judaism and tradition and more.