Yeshiva "Ogaley Yaakov"

давид хама
Detailed Information

Yeshiva “Ogaley Yaakov” was founded in 1991 as a response to the request of a group of students of a religious seminar on the establishment of a permanently acting beit midrash in Moscow. The Yeshiva was organized by American rabbis, mostly representatives of the Lakewood community, so the entire history of the yeshiva is closely connected with the American system of religious education, unlike Torat Haim, which was oriented towards Israel. Since 1993, the yeshiva has been located at the place it occupies even now – in the very center of Moscow, on Pokrovka. The first head of the yeshiva was Rav Yosef Amsel, who later headed the Russian branch of the Lakewood Yeshiva, formed from the Ogalei Yaakov alumni

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